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Craig Briggs

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for clarifying - I was wondering about that. Reduction gear geometry is such that you, indeed, can not turn the output shaft - that's what keeps the sail "locked" when you are partially furled, else it would just blow all the way out. (It's not the electric motor providing the "locking" - that will spin freely in either direction with no power applied.)
Since you'll have to remove the motor to take it to a shop anyway, I'd suggest you go ahead and remove it and the reduction gear, checking it out as I described, plus, after you separate the motor, you can try turning the reduction gear manually by the input shaft to make sure it is not the problem. You really can't break anything - it's all pretty robust. (Well, you can over torque the thin motor housing bolts - uh, don't do that :-)

Cheers, Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris

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Thanks Craig. I did verify voltage but did not disassemble the gear box from the motor yet.  Just tried to turn output shaft that extends out the box that engages with the sail foil. I will disassemble some more. Just didn't to want break anything taking apart and make worse 
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Hi Chuck, 
Eric has answered your question but since you've already got the motor removed from the mast you might try putting 24v to the wires from a different source, which could inform as to whether you've got an internal electrical failure (brushes, windings, dirty commutator) or a mechanical one (bearings, loose/cracked magnets). These are pretty easy to disassemble and you might find an easy fix. 

I assume 1.) when you say the solenoids look good that means you verified you do have 24v at the motor wires themselves (not just at the output of the solenoids) after you removed the motor and 2.) that "it does not turn by hand" means it's really frozen, ie., after removing the motor from the reduction gear you put a pliers on the output shaft of the motor and it won't budge at all, That certainly sounds like a mechanical issue such as a corroded bearing or broken magnet, which are simple fixes.

Good luck with it - would be curious for you to post what the actual failure was after you fix it.
Cheers, Craig Briggs SN68 Sangaris

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I would try Electec, Budget marine or Island water world..

If you need a machine shop FKG is the place to go. However Electec specializes in electrical things.


They are all in in Cole bay.

When do you expect to arrive in St Maarten.

All of these shops are on the Dutch side.

Fair Winds


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Greetings All and Happy New Year

My mainsail furling motor froze up good. I tested the power supply and solenoids look good. Dropped the motor down and motor does not turn by hand either. I am on my way to St.Martin and would like to get it looked at/serviced there. Does anyone have a current recommendation (post Irma) of machinist/motor shop. I searched the group the best I could.

Thanks in advance


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