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AS far as using a synthetic oil is concerned DO IT AND DO IT NOW. There are a number of very good reasons for using a synthetic oil that is designed for diesel engines;
1- Diesels like to run hot, compression is very high as are the internal temperatures of the engine. IF you lose a raw or fresh water pump the temperature of the oil can go up very fast faster then the coolant. At about 250 defF mineral oil starts to come apart synthetic does not.. it will hang in there to over 500 giving you time to shut down and be safe... like drop the hook.

2- Given that it comes as multi grade oil it has a much lower constant of friction that gives on average about a 10 percent improvement in fuel consumption.

3- Because it does not get "burned" it last longer in the motor. You can go 100 hours without an issue.

FOR you Turbo VOLVOS; keep in mind that the bearings in that thing get very hot and normal mineral oil will kill them.

I have been using it on boats with diesel engines for over 10 years with no issues at all related to lubrication. If the engine is worn you may find that you use a bit more oil that is normal.

Good luck and be sure to syn oil for diesel engines.
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Subject: [Amel] Yanmar 100HP engine oil change
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Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 11:29 AM
Hello, I have an SM200 with the Yanmar 4JH3 engine having
2000HRS. To increase the oil change intervals, I have
envisaged the use
of Synthetic lubricant. Any experience in using synthetic

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