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I have never seen this rubber sleeve and my Onan parts manual doesn't list the part. 

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one of the end caps of the heat exchanger failed, so I had to replace it.  I took the chance to examine and clean the complete system.  I had all spare parts and the engine-repair-manual, so no problem.   but then I found the following in the workshop repair manual (page 110):

If a rubber sleeve is used, lubricate it with a little soap solution. Place the sleeve end of the assembly in the housing and carefully insert the sleeve in the hole in the baffle plate Carefully press the pipe ends of the housing until the journal in the housing is correctly positioned inside the end cover. Do not pull the pipe cluster backwards during installation, as this pulls the sleeve out of the baffle plate. Check through the filler opening that the sleeve is positioned correctly in the baffle plate (B)....

But on the inlet of my heat exchanger there was no sleeve installed (I assume that the sleeve will be installed on the baffle plate to make sure that all the cooling liquid gets pumped through the inlet and there is no other way outside the inlet, makeing cooling efficieny better). I have a sleeve as a spare part, but do not know if it shall be installed or not.  Does anyone know if the rubber sleeve has to be installed at the baffle plate?  I am not sure how to understand the wording in the repair manual:

* if a rubber sleeve is used...     does that mean that the installation of the sleeve is optional - or does it mean that it might be another material, not rubber?

without installing the sleeve I would have the same heat exchanger configuration as before. But that might be wrong, with less cooling efficieny...


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