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Barry Connor

Hi All,
I have been reading about the pumps issue and below is what I did. I have had to replace both, a/c and low pressure water maker pumps.

I installed the submersible March pump for my A/C in 2016 and it has been running perfectly. I got this pump from tcm@.... Tom Martland is helpful and he will get you the 230v unit at about half the price of any marine chandlery. He shipped to me in EU without any problem. This pump is super quiet.
My water maker is only 230v, not the 24vDC/230vAC. I tried a few options for my dessalator low pressure 230v pump with not very good results. The low pressure pump is not low pressure at all, it needs quiet hight pressure in fact! In the end I went back to dessalator in Antibes for the recommended low pressure pump which they have recently upgraded to prevent the stainless steel shaft from rusting which was the problem with the original unit supplied to Amel, this original shaft corroded over years resulting in the need to replace the motor, rebuilding the pump was not cheap either. The new pump unit is now complete (motor and pump) all aluminium with a better quality stainless steel shaft.

Hope this is helpful.
Best Regards

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Here is an example of a March liquid cooled pump


I had the pump in my hands in St Maarten. It is totally encapsulated in  what appears to be some form of epoxy and NOT PAINT  and there is no way for it to rust.

There are 2 copper pipes coming from the pump section to cool the motor. I would however get the next size larger to get maximum water volume.

Fair Winds


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I believe this is the wat to go.

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Hi Eric,


I was curious and looked at the March info.  I believe the 'AC' designation refers to an open style motor that should not be exposed to the possibility of water getting on the motor.  The 'CP' designator is an open drip proof motor that would tolerate exposure to some drippage (?) from above.  They also have TEFC motors available for some direct exposure to water.  However, I think all these motors except the 'LC' submersible variety are standard carbon steel motor housings with some form of a painted finish that apparently does not tolerate a salt air or humid environment i.e. they all will show surface rust at some time.  Good luck with your preventative maintenance project.


Mark Mueller

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