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Mark Erdos



Not sure which Mark this was directed to (we seem to be collecting Marks). Here is a source in the USA for AutoProp parts. If you call them and tell them your prop serial number, they will know which kit to send you.


The directions are on this page. There are also a couple of YouTube videos. It is a simple but time consuming process. It will take you at least one full day to do the prop.  The tools are necessary whether from them or if you can source other compatible tools. It is possible without the tools but you could damage the prop.


Ask AB Marine to ship USPS and you will not have to pay anything extra to PR.



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Hi Mark,


Were you successful in obtaining all the parts you needed for the rebuild of the H6?  If so, can you post the source and list of required parts?


Is the spanner wrench required for the rebuild?




Mark Isaac

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