Dessalator 160 L/hr watermaker low-pressure pump spec's

drew_gaffney <drew.gaffney@...>

We're having trouble with our 160 l/h Dessalator watermaker. Before we
bought our boat, the low-pressure feed pump was replaced with a
Tellarini ENM-20, which does not produce sufficient flow or pressure
(only 32L/min at 1m height.) No pressure shows when the low pressure
pump activates the first couple minutes of operation and the
high-pressure pump transiently drains the 25 micron filter canister
when it starts.
The NZ company which provided that pump has agreed to provide a larger
pump and credit me for the smaller one they previously installed. The
price difference between their replacement and Dessalator is $600+, so
it would be nice if the replacement would work.
Does anyone know desired pressure, flow, and current draw for the low
pressure pump for the 160 L/hr from Dessalator.
The great pictures from Amelliahona appear to show 25A and 5A breakers
respectively for the high and low pressure pumps? Is there a 5A limit
on the low-pressure pump 240V supply?
SV Revelation

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