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Hi Mark, I haven,t had to replace these pumps but I commend to you regular spraying with a rust inhibitor/ penetrant/water displacer. I use CRC marine 66.  I spray all electric motors, alternators, wiring connections, metal parts in the engine room. Likewise for electrical connections throughout boat. A boat is a harsh salt laden environment.   Done this for 10 years. Very happy with results. I have also used corrosion x which is much more expensive.
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I couldn’t agree more.


Based on the very bad advice of Coastal Climate Control in the USA, I installed the March AC5-C-MD as a replacement to the original Calpeda pump. The first pump they sold me was defective and I had a difficult time getting them to replace it. The second pump has worked fine and is working satisfactory after 3 years. It was easy to install as it has basically the same footprint. At first, I was happy with the performance of the pump. However, the outer parts of the pump are starting to rust, especially the capacitor housing. I fully expect the pump to have a life expectancy much shorter than I had hoped. It is certainly not a perfect replacement for Calpeda and doesn’t fair well in the Amel engine room. I fully expect to have to replace the pump again during our ownership of Cream Puff..


I have notice on the newer model March AC5-C-MD pumps, the capacitor housing is now encased in what appears to be plastic. Since this is the area rusting the fastest, it is a big improvement on the design of the pump.




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Here is an example of a March liquid cooled pump


I had the pump in my hands in St Maarten. It is totally encapsulated in  what appears to be some form of epoxy and NOT PAINT  and there is no way for it to rust.

There are 2 copper pipes coming from the pump section to cool the motor. I would however get the next size larger to get maximum water volume.

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I believe this is the wat to go.

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Hi Eric,


I was curious and looked at the March info.  I believe the 'AC' designation refers to an open style motor that should not be exposed to the possibility of water getting on the motor.  The 'CP' designator is an open drip proof motor that would tolerate exposure to some drippage (?) from above.  They also have TEFC motors available for some direct exposure to water.  However, I think all these motors except the 'LC' submersible variety are standard carbon steel motor housings with some form of a painted finish that apparently does not tolerate a salt air or humid environment i.e. they all will show surface rust at some time.  Good luck with your preventative maintenance project.


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