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Great info, thanks Danny.  I see you buy the stuff by the gallon.  Will add a big jug to my list.

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Hi Kent,

in high challenge areas like low in the engine room, (eg 230v pump for the aircon) monthly. Rest of the engine room, bi monthly (if it gets longer than that I get guilt feelings). Wiring joints, around aircon units, behind instruments 6 monthly. Watch for any areas where wiring corrosion occurs and spray when seen and add to list.I spray all water manifolds. .I have re enlivened instruments by treating connections. 

I spray into electric motors and alternators and starter motors and if you do this be careful not to use a product with added lubricant that could transmit electricity.  I knew one guy who prior to an ocean race did that into the back of his radios. Oh dear!!!!! That's why I am confident of my crc66 (and I have often used 556) but a little uneasy with corrosion x which tends to be a bit more lubricant orientated. I have no scientific justification for this uneasiness. One warning re CRC 556 and marine 66, rubber does not like it, it goes all spongy. I'll tell the story again. Years ago on a previous boat a heat exchanger hose burst and drowned my alternator in salt water. On the basis that fresh water has to be better than salt I liberally soused in in fresh water (in place) I then (while still wet) emptied a can of CRC 556 into it and went home. It never missed a beat thereafter. Hence my confidence in the product, conformed by a further 15 years use.



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Hi Danny and Bill R.
I know you are both big fans of spraying all electrical and metal parts regularly (CRC66 or Corrosion X). How often do you do this?

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