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John Clark

    I did the same rebuild of both gears.  The manual furler is also the thrust bearing for the mainsail foil.  It rusted to mush and almost seized up.  The bearings are off the shelf wheel bearings....cost less than 20 USD.  The trick to getting the bearings out is heat.  I put the case in the oven heated to about 350F and the big bearing pops right out. 

Seals are the same off the shelf parts ...

I think I posted the part numbers on the forum.  If you cannot find the post I will send you a list.

Regards John

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On Mon, Jan 14, 2019, 9:11 AM Chuck Lacey clacey9@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@... wrote:

Thanks Duane. I now remember you did a detailed write up on this. I will go back and read. Fortunately my manual furler is working or we would be motoring everywhere. Once fixed I'll keep it well lubed to fight corrosion. 
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Same thing happened to me.  The top bearing in the gearbox was rusted solid, both in the motor gearbox and the manual furler.

There is a list of the bearings used somewhere on the forum.  You can do this overhaul yourself if you have a bearing puller.  The bearings are pretty cheap.

I'm going to start hitting the top bearings in the gearbox with a "wet" bicycle chain oil.  This top bearings does not get enough lubrication from below, but it does have some saltwater penetration.

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