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Ah, now I got it. What you describe is a worm gear, but...

You are not referring to the manual gearbox, rather the electrically driven gearboxes.  The manual box is the one attached to the foil designed as a backup for the the electric designed to be driven by a winch handle.

A "double lip seal" is NOT two smaller ones!  Even if you could find seals so thin as to fit two in that housing, it would be a bad idea.  A "double lip seal" is the same size seal frame, and would look superficially the same, but with the rubber shaped into two lips, one specifically designed to keep grease/oil in and the other to keep contaminants out.  They are not available in all seal sizes.

Removal, and proper replacement of any lipseal requires disassembly. It should never be done with the shaft in place. There is simply no good way to remove the seal without risking serious damage to the shaft or seal housing.  With the C-drive the removal of the wearing out bearing gives the room around the shaft to work.  There is no similar alternative on the gearboxes.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Spanish Wells, Bahamas

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I'm pretty sure of my terminology (per Google anyway).  The worm gear I mentioned is "a shaft with a spiral groove meant to engage a gear" turned by the motor.  The worm gear turned a large round gear that turned the furler extrusion.  Mine are Leroy Somer MVA gearboxes.  

I definitely agree with your lip seal comments.  I'm not sure I can get mine out without disassembly.  Are you able to remove them similiar to the C-Drive prop shaft lip seals?  Using two smaller ones makes sense.  

Wanderer, SM#477
West Palm Beach and headed to the Bahamas.

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