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I suspect that the engine's heat exchanger does 99% of the job in cooling the engine and the blower/fan does the rest of the job for the engine. I suspect the blower/fan's primary mission is to ventilate petroleum fumes and make the engine room a better place for you.


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Hello there
I was wondering about the fragility of an engine cooling system that relies on an electric blower /fan
This I presume is the case for all Vintage Maramus - not sure if it’s also the case for Super Maramus too?
In the older Maramus like mine the blower fan is located in the port cockpit seat coaming area
I wondered if in the case of the electric fan failure it would be ok to simply remove the fan altogether and let the engine draw/suck air through he delivery ducts that the blower uses.
Any thoughts on this one?
Is the blower fan actually necessary in case of failure ?

Thoughts and any experience much appreciated

All the very best

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