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smiles bernard

Many thanks folks for thoughts
Bill - yes the heat exchanger so your point about improved gas exchange makes lots of sense 
So It sounds like the blower fans are definitely preferable - not just for the engine compartment air supply but also the batteries and alternators 

But  that in an emergency you could run without for short periods

hello Julie
Many thanks for the email
Glen sounds like he has battled successfully!
Nice to hear of a number of people in the forum moving from Maramus to SMs - great seal of approval for the Amels

All the very best

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Hello Miles!  We owned a vintage Maramu before our SM and Glen, my husband did a tremendous amount of work in that engine compartment, often emerging with bloody arms and hands.  Glen has a lot to contribute to this forum and I will ask Mark to approve his email address on this user group.  Meanwhile I forwarded your email to him and will post if you don't come up with the answer before then.  Fair winds, Julie Bradley, author, Escape from the Ordinary

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Hello there
I was wondering about the fragility of an engine cooling system that relies on an electric blower /fan
This I presume is the case for all Vintage Maramus - not sure if it’s also the case for Super Maramus too?
In the older Maramus like mine the blower fan is located in the port cockpit seat coaming area
I wondered if in the case of the electric fan failure it would be ok to simply remove the fan altogether and let the engine draw/suck air through he delivery ducts that the blower uses.
Any thoughts on this one?
Is the blower fan actually necessary in case of failure ?

Thoughts and any experience much appreciated

All the very best

Maramu 46 #162

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