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smiles bernard

Hello Miles 

I wish my wind gen was up on the mizzen mast - makes loads of sense. 

Although .  . . . I’d be interested to hear how it performs with the wider motion at sea / on passage  ?

Actually from my experience the wind gens are great at anchor but not so useful on passages so perhaps it’s a mute point and the main focus for installation should just be an at anchor solution?

All the very best
Maramu 46 #162


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Re: Julie
You and Glen have much to contribute . I remember adding a wind generator to my mizzenmast with your help almost 20 years ago (is that really possible ?) and I know about the emergency fixes you did on you circumnavigation. I am delighted to be in touch with you again .

S/y Ladybug sm 216 , Le Marin, Martinique

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