Re: [Amel] Deck Construction

Jean Boucharlat

To the best of my knowledge in the late 70's and early 80's Amel used to
build both types of decks, balsa cored and straight FRP. The balsa cored
decks used to be an option for better insulation and they called it
"Tropical" or something similar. In 1981, I ordered a Maramu, delivered in
October of that year, with the balsa core option. Later on, they
standardized production to balsa cored decks only and this is how my (1998
model, hull 232), and all other, SM's came.

In order to know if a particular boat of that period was cored or FRP only
you would probably have to check directly with the yard, they keep excellent

Jean Boucharlat

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Sent: samedi 29 novembre 2008 01:19
Subject: [Amel] Deck Construction

Can anyone tell me how the decks of earlier Amels (70's) were
constructed, please? Were they balsa cored? Has anyone had major leak
or rot problems. Thanks.

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