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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Miles, our Super Wind 350 wind gen is on top of the mizzen. Very pleased with its placement and performance. I agree with Alan, wind forward of the beam when sailing makes it more effective. Under 10 knot apparent it does very little. 15 knots, quite good, 20 and over we are "cooking with gas"

I like the combination of wind and solar.



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Ocean pearl

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Hello Miles 

I wish my wind gen was up on the mizzen mast - makes loads of sense. 

Although .  . . . I’d be interested to hear how it performs with the wider motion at sea / on passage  ?

Actually from my experience the wind gens are great at anchor but not so useful on passages so perhaps it’s a mute point and the main focus for installation should just be an at anchor solution?

All the very best
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Re: Julie
You and Glen have much to contribute . I remember adding a wind generator to my mizzenmast with your help almost 20 years ago (is that really possible ?) and I know about the emergency fixes you did on you circumnavigation. I am delighted to be in touch with you again .

S/y Ladybug sm 216 , Le Marin, Martinique




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