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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Duane,

from the comments by my frig tech your experience is far more common than mine, he indicated I was all but unique so I am the lucky one. I gathered from him that often, mostly it was bilge water sloshing around that causes the problem and I have never had water sloshing around under my freezer.........until today. Just goes to show, never say never. Fresh water at that. I have yet to discover the source but I suspect a very slow accumulation. My water tank has not been full (the breather exits to this area) and I cant see any leaks in the fresh water system under the sink.This area connects. Haven't been using the aircon much, just a bit of running to keep them functioning. Freezer water cooling feed line?

I shall find it!!



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New Zealand

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Thanks for the reply.  I can't imagine another reason.  The insulation is soaked around and above that insulation bottom to wall joint, and the insulation was pourous and cracked.  It wasn't wet above the joint very far.  If it were the seal leaking cold air then the wet would start at the top.

I guess I'm just lucky.





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