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Ryan Meador


We had the exact same symptoms as you when we were approaching St Maarten a couple months ago -- the motor was getting power, but it wouldn't turn.  Upon arrival, I happened to find a brochure for a company called EnerTech (, which seems to service all of the pumps/motors on a SM.  But before enlisting their services, I took the brushes out of the motor and cleaned them (and blew out the dust inside the motor, which may not be wise) and it started working again, so I didn't end up using them.  I thought I'd solved the problem, but then it crapped out again right as we got to Martinique.  I had Amel rebuild it, and they said one of the power wires was actually broken off inside the motor and just making intermittent contact!  I'm sure any motor company could fix that.

I've also seen a couple mentions in this thread that the mizzen furling gearbox is water-lubricated.  I do not believe this is correct.  I replaced mine with a new one from Amel some months ago, and it arrived completely full of grease.  When I was visiting Amel Caraïbes, I asked them if it was supposed to be full of grease and they said yes.  I think we should all be putting grease in there.  Additionally, there is a seal around the shaft at the top which would prevent water ingress, so washing it with water shouldn't do anything.  On my failed gearbox, this seal had disintegrated and there was no grease inside.  Finally, there are no drain holes in the bottom.  There are a couple indentations that I believe are to insert pin pliers to unscrew the bottom, but they don't go all the way through.  There is no way for the rinse water to get out, if it could even get in.


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Thank you Duane! I’ll have a good read,  quite appreciated 


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I didn't do a write up on the motor gearboxes, just the manual gearbox.  You can find that here:

Note that the second link has the bearings used, but I didn't see the oil seals listed.

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