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Beaute Olivier

Hello Peter,

the aluminum painted white arch is made by the company SECTEUR BLANC in La Rochelle/France. This company is mainly a rigger (SELDEN representative in La Rochelle) and handles maintenance and rigging works on many AMEL Yachts.
The aluminum arch is indeed a very nice piece of hardware, a bit expensive though, compared to a stainless steel tube one, but much more elegant (by far). You will ask Franck CHIVE, the manager, a quotation for that. He will certainly tell you to sail to La Rochelle to have it installed.
E-mail is secteurblanc at orange dot fr

Enjoy your AMEL 54.


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I´m new to this group and so impressed by all the good tips and help coming through to Amel users – wow this is really valuable.

Being now, since a couple of months proud owner to an Amel 54, ideas are coming up.

What about stern arches, i´ve seen stainless tube,steel ones and also on newer (2010-2011) Amel 54.s, a white one. Difficult to judge whether it´s coated aluminum or plastic but I guess alu. I have some good shipyards with stainless steel welders close but maybe it´s stupid to reinvent the wheel…

My plan is to primarily use it for solar panels but also for hanging the dingy there during local sailing.

So, a couple of questions arise:

-Is it possible to buy one and have it transported? If so preferably from somewhere in Europe as I live in Sweden?

-Are there any drawings accessible out there?

-Any pros and cons for the white (alu) and the pipe version?

All comments and ideas are so welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance

\Peter Tinér

Amel 54 #52, Maiken

Gothenburg, Sweden

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