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I read your seal write-up and recognized NIKIMAT's bow thruster photo with an added "red don't do X."

I have found that there is usually more than one good way to perform almost every procedure. There are many Amel owners that use the screw method that was illustrated by Alex. I certainly don't intend to debate which is the best method and I don't believe anyone in this group is uniquely qualified to do so.

When I audited Amel workers removing C-Drive seals, they placed the flat tip screwdriver under a seal at 9 o'clock and the other side of the screwdriver at 3 o'clock. Then levered the seals out one at a time. I asked for a printed copy of the Amel instructions and discovered those exact instructions using a screwdriver. A month later, I had the opportunity to try it and found it worked perfectly.


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Thanks for taking the time to do this write up. It was very informative and very well done. The link to the seal puller tool was greatly appreciated.

Your contributions as well as all the other seasoned owners and former owners on this forum are greatly appreciated.

All the best,

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