A54 : can I switch from butane to propane? + advise how to sail to Taiwan?



We left France on Sept 1st and we're now in Panama. 

I have two question for you - thank you in advance for your help :


The boat (Amel 54) was bought in France. We always used the blue 2.75kg bottles (i.e BUTANE).

Here in Panama they don't sell BUTANE but Tropigas or Panagas, which is a variable mixture of propane and butane.

Has anyone used one of these mixtures? Does it affects the burners (or anything else)? Do you advise Tropigas or Panagas?

By extension I am also wondering if I could use PROPANE gas or do I have to adapt anything beforehand? 


We're currently in Panama and in one year's time I would like to be in TAIWAN. 

Has anyone sailed there yet? 

What itinary would you advise (starting from Panama)? 

I'm sailing with kids so I'm very reluctant to sail in notorious 'dangerous' areas. I prefer to make a detour than to take the risk of meeting with pirates.

My preference is of course to passe via French Polynesia, but thereafter??

Thank you dear AMEL fellows for your help!


SV ESTRAN - A54 hull n°4

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