Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: A54 : can I switch from butane to propane? + advise how to sail to Taiwan?

Porter McRoberts

We’re in Panama. We use either. No issues. I converted on of the 2 gaz lines to AMERICAN (Panamanian fitting). Left one french. The French bottle rust. So keep them well painted.  

Gaz here is 4$ for 20lbs. We have fiberglass tanks which we refill, but many cruisers have bought the standard 20lb aluminum tank and then just refill that for the 4$. You can get a fitting to change in any hardware store. They are ubiquitous. 

Where in Panama are you?

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On our 11 year world trip to 58 countries we had American style gas bottles. We found liquified gas when we needed it, wherever we were. New Zealand required us the have the Aluminum tanks tested, certified and engraved with metric capacities before filling. A dive shop did that for us. All of the different liquified gas worked in the Eno stove, some we're hotter than others and one country's gas left black spot on pots. Basically, no big issues.


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Hello Oscar,

Our SM was sailed from France through the Pacific with the original blue bottles which were not refillable in New Zealand.
We ditched the blue bottles and bought bottles that are more standard for the South Pacific. In some places we get Butane in others Propane. The Stove is designed for butane but works fine with propane.....the oven doesn't get as hot with propane compared with butane, but otherwise no problems.

Elyse SM437

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