Re: 12 volt electric motor replacement

Craig Briggs

Ah, Bill, you were on the uptown side of the tracks - gotta get behind Lesters.
Cheers, Craig 

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If the motor has not failed due to water intrusion and corrosion, it can almost certainly be repaired.

We have had excellent results from Broward Armature in Fort Lauderdale.  I think a figure of $100 is a bit optimistic for a rebuild. That would be less than an hour of their shop time, and I think that's unrealistic for a repair.

In December we had our jib furling motor in with them for a check up and refurbishment.  $400 got us new brushes and bearings and the commutator turned down. They also washed and baked the windings to get the resistance up to spec. 

We also brought in the 24V motor that turns our RO pump.  We asked them to look at it with a $200 budget, since we knew we could buy a new one for $300.  They turned down the job, saying that they really couldn't do more than open it up and look for that price.

In the past, motor rebuilds there have run us between $300 and $600 (for the bow thruster drive motor).

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Cape Eleuthera, Eleuthera, Bahamas

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One of the electric furling motors on my Amel Mango has failed.  Amel has advised that  they have replacement motors available.  Does anyone know of a possible replacement source that is compatible with the gear box or a rebuilder in Caribbean or the US for the motor. Thanks Don

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