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eric freedman

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What was the total cost of the deck repair in the forward lockers in Martinique?

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We had to make this repair past year. It is not difficult any decent glass person would have the capability. We had it done in Martinique at Amel. They sub-contracted  the work to a local company but told them what to do. We had both forward lockers done. This problem is a little bit of a design flaw in the Amel. As the anchor chain is stowed the moisture in the anchor well will slowly rot the wood since it was unfinished on the lower side.


They cut away the existing floor to within about 2-3 inches from the edge. They cut marine ply to fit into place and used the 2-3” lip to resin the new shelf. They sanded the lip to ensure it was free of rot and all paint for a good surface to adhere to. They finished both sides of the new floor with resin and gelcoat ensuring any moisture will not affect it. It took quite a bit of fiberglass work to make it look as good as new.


We paid a little bit extra to have an access panel put into the floor of the port side locker allowing us full access to the anchor well without having to go through the forward cabin.


My advice is to pay to have this done. Although you could do it yourself, the resin work and sanding required will leave you itching for years. Not, to mention the toxic fumes. I was going to do the repair myself but now look at the money I spent as a very good value.


I inserted a couple of pictures. If they don’t make it –let me know and I email them.





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As I was re-wiring my nav lights from the port bow locker (empty) I heard a crack. The top layer of the marine plywood floor separated from the rest and the floor is bowed but not cracked through. I checked it from top and bottom and it doesnt seem rotten. In case you’re wondering I weigh 200 lbs so it wasnt overloaded (ha). I know of at least one other SM that had this happen. Im in San Blas so an Amel fix in Martinique is out of the question. I will need to do this myself in Shelter Bay. Would love some ideas.

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