Re- port bow locker floor

thomas.kleman <no_reply@...>

Thanks again (with a special tip of the cap to Bill K and Mark E). Got my order ready- my Miami to Shelter Bay freighter leaves in a week so the project planning was urgent.

Regarding people’s sage advice to get help- We do everything ourselves except bottom sanding (even canvas).....but if I can find someone to assist Im all over that. We are going west for the first time and I dont know what I will find in Shelter Bay. Like most of us, when I have a boat problem its pretty much all I can think of since this is both my vehicle and home.

Armed with this site and youtube, we are not the quickest but we fix things the right way, if slowly.

One thing about the inside of the chain locker and port bow locker- there are several places on SMs where fiberglass work was not “finished” but painted (look in your mizzen line storage basin). Depending on how much weight Ive lost and how my relationship is going with Kirstin beside me in the chain locker, I might delay some of the finishing work in these places.

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