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I believe that you have received very good first-hand accounts from very good owners, especially Mark Erdos s/v CREAM PUFF. I never experienced this locker floor cracking problem first-hand, and couldn't add anything to what others have said. I am curious as to why some SMs have this problem at an early age, more latter in life, and some never. My guess is it must be correlated with dampness in the chain locker, or storage of heavy items such as anchors that will bounce up and down in heavy seas (I see a lot of pointed anchors and chain in these sail lockers, but I just don't know the cause.

To answer your question about the first things I look for when doing a pre-purchase review of a resale Amel: I look for signs of "owner care" and whether the condition is Satisfactory, Average, or Poor. Sometimes the clues are very subtle, but once I determine the level of "owner care," it is easy to find issues that are: many times are not found on a survey, sometimes hidden by the current owner, or in some cases, not known by the current owner. Obviously, if I saw a cracked and unrepaired sail locker bottom, I will suspect a "poor level of care" by the current owner. I absolutely love it when I see an Amel that is prepared for an inspection by Henri Amel. I see this about 15% of the time.


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I wanted to thank all of you for the help. I’m planning on incorporating many/most of the ideas put forward. If I was in the E Carib I know where I could find competent help; Im headed for shelter Bay, Panama so it might be just us (again).

Questions (because Im ordering raw materials for this project from Miami to meet me in Shelter Bay).

1) thickness of marine plywood for floor ?
2) My chainlocker bulkhead wall seems Ok. Precise name of product to seal it ?
3) Glass in the seams of new floor ? The whole floor ? The bulkhead too ?
4) starboard floor seemed Ok. Just go ahead and do that too ?

Bill Rouse (if youre reading this)- noted that your biz is booming and you survey many SMs. Is this the first thing you look for ? And interested in your remediation preferences on this issue.

Thanks Much

Tom and Kirstin
Green Island Panama
SM2K 422

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