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I envision no cost for the participation in the rally. Of course there may be other costs (food & drink). If there is enough interest, we might get some of the individual island's tourist bureaus to contribute something, like bus transportation for a tour of some sort. We will surely have island stopovers, and if we get enough interest we may be able to get a significant discount for marina fees.

It all starts with how many boats express interest....then some of us will go to work seeing what we can get in terms of support from the various entities. As of now there are about 8 responses to my original posting. I am thinking that if we had 20 or more, we could leverage that number to get something...maybe I am wrong.


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Hello Bill,

I think it is a great idea, our Maramu is based in Venezuela, if we get and idea of the overall plan with dates included, we would seriously consider participating. Also the cost would be an important factor, in my opinion. Thanks for promoting such an activity. Maybe we can convince other Amel owners here to participate.
Alex Paquin
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