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You do not say which direction you are heading when leaving Grenada or what type of batteries you are seeking.

Throughout most of the islands, batteries are going to be expensive, about 50% or more over USA prices. The bigger challenge is getting the quantity you need and fresh batteries. If you seek specialty batteries, this is going to be harder still. If you seek wet cell, the choices and availability will be greater.


You have three choices:


1)    Buy from a local store such as Budget Marine or Island Water World and just swallow the price

2)    Freight batteries from the USA using one of many freight shipping options – This will be lower than option 1 but require an agent in Grenada for YIT status and of course will take time.

3)    Sail to another country such as Puerto Rico and buy batteries at Costco or West Marine. You can buy on-line and have them delivered to a store for free in PR (sometimes) – it’s only a 4 day sail from Grenada to get there. Some of the other islands also offer a good battery selection such as Martinique and St. Martin.



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Hi folks
My service batteries seem to be on the way out.
Does anyone know where batteries can be purchased economical in the Caribbean chain?
Currently in Grenada where they seem expensive and so wondering about delaying the replacement till we get somewhere else.
Any info most gratefully received
All the very best

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