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Bill <itacknjibe@...>

I don't know if this is the proper forum, but please re-direct me if you have other suggestions. We have been trying to get the "real info" on what will be required of us if we plan to winter in an EU country (we are US citizens, and the boat will be US flaged) after taking delivery of our SM "Sogno di Mare" in May. We had thought of Spain or Sardinia, but our trips to the consulates of France, Spain, and Italy in San Francisco have produced conflicting reports of requirements. What have other US citizens done about this? I have a pretty good idea about the VAT situation, but it's the need to stay in one location for more than 3 months that seems to be dificult for the consulates to give definitive info on. Any help will be much appreciated.

Bill and Cathy

Sogno di Mare

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