Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Possible late Spring Amel Caribbean Rally

Courtney Gorman

Bill I’m on and off the boat this year mainly in the BVI’s if timing is right I’d love to run into you all

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I have received some level of interest from 15 owners. I was hoping for more interest in a Caribbean Rally. Is there anyone else? I am not aking for a commitment, just Interest. Here is the list that I have so far:
Arno Luijten  SV Luna A54-121
Miles Bidwell  Ladybug SM 216
Kent & Iris Robertson Kristy SM 243
John Clark  Annie SM 37
Pat & Diane SM Shenanigans SM 123
Alex Paquin  SIMPATICO Maramu #94
Colin Streeter Island Pearl SM 332
Donald Patterson  ?Mango?
Kim and Chuck  Joy SM 388
Paul and Kerstin Kerpa SM 259
Gary Wells Adagio SM 209
Duane & Peg Wanderer, SM 477
Derick Gates Brava SM 400


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I am on Brava in Le Marin, Martinique getting some maintenance done. By mid March I expect to start traveling North to Antigua, and by late April set off for the Azores and then Gibraltar. The rally sounds like a great idea.

Derick Gates
SM2K #400 Brava

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