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Oh, so Y Yacht Insurance is just an insurance brokerage.


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Suggest you read further, if interested, at yyachtinsurance dot com, which states Barry Sullivan, who happens to own a Maramu, started Pantaenius UK, did business as Shearlangstone, Ltd. , became Y Yacht Insurance in 2011. Now set up Y Yacht Assurances France for post-Brexit operation. The actual insurance and underwriting is through MS Amlin, part of MS and AD (haven't researched them) and Y Yacht Insurance is a trading name of Y at-sign Limited, an English company.

Craig Briggs, SN68 - I did ask for a quote and will let you know what I hear. 

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Hi all,
My info is that Barrie Sullivan of Y used to be the GM of Pantaenius UK but "retired" and started Y

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I'm just catching the end of the thread on insurance, and after reading Mark's email, it seemed that, being a currently covered by Pantaneous, I better start looking into different coverage (my policy renews 10/1).
I goggled y yacht insurance and was directed to Pure. I had received an unsolicitated mailing from Pure not that long ago, and sent the flier into my circular file.
Is y yacht some kind of branch of Pure, or am I on the wrong road here? There are a number of brokers near by my home in NY that are brokers listed for Pure. None of them are yacht brokers. 
Due to my stem fitting issue, and some current electronics upgrades, I put my plan to slide thru the canal and head west off till next year, but the insurance coverage will need to be resolved before that. 
From Mark's comment, it appears that Pantaneous will be prohibitally expensive. 
I'm more concerned about liability coverage for all my vessels (5), and I don't care about the bells and whistles, so from your description, a y yacht policy may be a good way for me to go.
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Hi Mark

Yes, Y Yacht. Their CEO (Barry?) still owns an Amel Maramu and has been talking with Amel HQ about bringing out a policy / product specially designed for Amel yacht owners. Nice bloke, who left us with a very positive impression in many ways concluding a nice personal welcome note as an Amel owner after we joined.

In our case Top Sail had just doubled their quotation on our coverage for Indian Ocean high risk areas, and this was just two weeks before our Velos policy expired, blaming it on the last hurricane season, and informing us that 5 other insurers went out of business that year and hence they were increasing all new policy quotes substantially.

We were in the process of changing to Topsail, but refuse to be ripped off like that in the 11th hour when they clearly assumed we had no time left to change companies and would just have to pay. Topsail will never be considered by us again.

Y Yacht policy certainly had less bells and whistles extra benefits than Panteanius and Velos attached to their policy, but this means big savings and we felt all the basics were well covered.

Hope this helps.

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(changed name of thread)



Hi Colin,


Interesting about insurance. I have spent the past couple of months shopping for insurance to get us through the Panama canal and across the S. Pacific. I have it narrowed down to Y-Yacht (UK), Novamar (USA) and Top Sail (UK) – We currently have Pantaenius and it is going to be cost prohibitive for us to continue with them. If we decide to stay in the Caribbean, the Pantaenius requirements a virtually impossible to adhere to. Either way we need to change.


When you say “Y Insurance” do you mean Y-Yacht?




With best regards,





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Awesome advice, thanks Mark.


We have been off-line for so long on this last 5700nm crossing from Cape Town  so had not yet got time to research the ABC's. 


We joined Y Insurance this year who have incredibly good rates compared to Panteanius & Velos, and also include "in water" hurricane cover in the ABC's only hence our decision to go there.



Colin & Lauren Streeter

Prickly Bay Marina


Ps...All who meet us....Please don't disown or mock us when you see our "off-pink" boat stripe and rub rail!!  We remain good Amelians... and promise to fix it at the next haulout...... the painter in Durban got the  "Amel 54 Dessert Sand"  colour we love completely wrong .....just when a weather window opened up to bolt around to Cape Town..... So we decided to take the weather gap and fix the colour at next haulout.



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Also consider an extended stay in Aruba during hurricane season. Curacao, not so much. You will love the diving and snorkeling in Bonaire, it is really first rate. If you opt to go to Aruba, the Renaissance marina is right downtown in the heart of everything and have reasonable monthly rates. You will need to book way ahead since due to many people’s insurances companies making changes, the ABC’s are becoming a destination for those wanting to stay in the Caribbean.



With best regards,





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Island Pearl II just arrived in Caribbean early this morning from Brisbane, Australia via Asia, most Indian Ocean Islands, South Atlantic Islands and Brazil.


In Prickly Bay now, then a slow trip up the Windward then Leewards before BVI's & US BVI's etc then across to Bonaire in late May/June for Hurricane season.


Would love to participate if the dates work out, and/or say HI to any other Amel owners as we travel the Caribbean this season. If you see us anchored near you feel free to come over for a cold beer. We love Amel talk!







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Hello Bill,

I think it is a great idea, our Maramu is based in Venezuela, if we get and idea of the overall plan with dates included, we would seriously consider participating. Also the cost would be an important factor, in my opinion. Thanks for promoting such an activity. Maybe we can convince other Amel owners here to participate.

Alex Paquin


Maramu #94, 1981


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