Re: The Mechanics of Battery Equalization

Mark & Debbie Mueller

Hi Gary,

We have Mastervolt chargers and they do have have an equalization mode.  By the discussion in the manual you can dicern that the equalization mode is not intended to be used very often.  Below is an excerpt from from the manual: 

"An equalizing charge can be necessary after very deep
discharges and/or inadequate charges. This has to be
carried out according to the specifications of the
manufacturer of the batteries.
During equalizing the batteries are brought into the gas
state and is it possible that the permitted load voltages are
exceeded. Therefore appropriate measures must be
taken, e.g. disconnect all loads from the battery and
ventilate the room. For these reasons use of the equalizing
mode should only be executed by trained technical
The equalizing mode can only be started when the
Chargemaster is in operation and in Float. This means that
the connection compartment of the Chargemaster must be
opened while connected to the mains and the batteries.
Take adequate measures for protection against short
circuits and electrical shocks.
To start the equalize mode: move DIP switch 4 to the ON
position and back to the OFF position."

Mark Mueller
Brass Ring A54

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