Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] First Ever Amel Eastern Caribbean Rally 2019

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Bill

Great work and thank you very much.

I cannot see why this would not work almost as is, or very close to it after comments by others. Anything extra you or others arrange would simply be  bonus on top.

Although SV Island Pearl II will be traveling through the Caribbean in the opposite direction, we will make some route adjustments and you can certainly count us in for hopefully at least three of these stops.

Lauren and I very much look forward to meeting you and Judy, as well as many of the good folk we have been talking with on the forum over the past 7 years.

Thank you again for taking the time and effort to get this potential event off the ground.

Colin & Lauren Streeter
SV Island Pearl II, SM#332
Prickly Bay, Grenada
Sailing Island Pearl Youtube channel

On Sat, 26 Jan. 2019, 14:48 Bill Rouse brouse@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@... wrote:

I created a webpage for the First Ever Amel Eastern Caribbean Rally 2019. The webpage is a hidden webpage on the Amel School website. In other words, if you are on the Amel School website, you cannot find it. I put it on the Amel School website because that is the only place I own that I could create a page. If someone else wants to volunteer setting up and maintaining a webpage, it is fine with me.

To do this, I had to assume and guess almost everything. Most of what is on the page should NOT be my decision, but I made the page to get some conversation going with suggestions. 


Bill Rouse
Amel School 
720 Winnie St
Galveston Island, TX 77550

+1(832) 380-4970

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