Re: Possible late Spring Amel Caribbean Rally

Duane Siegfri

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance - Southern Border of Hurricane Zone

I just heard from my Pantaenius Broker who told me last year Pantaenius was considering reestablishing a southern border for the hurricane zone.  He wrote:

"The southern border would be south of 10 degrees.  So,  that is most of Columbia and Panama.  Grenada is above 12 so does not qualify.  You can get Grenada but will have to be able to do one of our Stormplans and will have a Large named tropical storm deductible."

He didn't say whether this was official yet or in the works.

We're planning on going down the eastern Caribbean this year, and were planning on Grenada for a haul-out during hurricane season, but now I'm wondering where we could go south of 10 degrees?  Cartagena is even north of 10.

Any suggestions on marinas/boatyards south of 10 in Columbia?  The closer to Grenada the better obviously.  We were planning on going from Grenada to Central America anyway.

In the meantime I've asked for a quote from Y-yachts.

Wanderer, SM#477

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