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We are currently insured with Pantaenius and felt forced to shop for insurance based on the requirements of the policy that changed drastically after the 2017 storms. We are uncertain of our plans but one of two things will happen, we will transit the canal and continue west or loop back around the Caribbean. Either way, the current policy was going to be troublesome. It is cost prohibitive for us in the Pacific and in the Caribbean just about impossible to adhere to the area restrictions and requirements during the summer months.


We spent 2018 hurricane season in the ABCs, mostly Bonaire. We understood we did not have named storm coverage while there since we could not comply with the policy and our only option was to run to Colombia in the event of a named storm. We had no issue with this strategy since statistically speaking the area is safe.


After looking at several companies, we narrowed our choices to three, in order of preference: Y-Yacht (UK), Novamar (USA) and Top Sail (UK). Y-Yacht and Novamar did not require a survey. Y-Yacht has asked for some pictures of the vessel and both have asked about age of rigging (need to be less than 10 years old or an inspection is required). I am leaning toward Y-Yacht since the wording of their policy is in everyday language and very clear to understand (like Pantaenius used to be). It is even posted on their website. All policies we are shopping are “declared value” policies.


Here is the wording from Novamar:


Navigation: U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coastal waters and inland waters thereto of the United States between Eastport, ME and

Brownsville, Texas, including the Bahamas and waters of the Caribbean Sea, excluding the waters of Cuba, Haiti, and

Venezuela. It is warranted between 1 July and 1 November, navigation is restricted to either north of St. Mary’s, GA or south of

12 degrees 40 minutes North Latitude.


Novamar allows for a vessel to stay in the waters of Grenada, ABCs, Colombia or Panama during hurricane season with a plan. I have worked with an agent for Novamar, let me know if you want his contact info. He was very helpful.


Several companies I contacted do not allow Colombian waters. Since this is where we are now, that was also a bit of a deal breaker. If you plan to head west, be aware some companies are doing this. Not really sure why.


In addition to the above, I understand Gowrie’s Jackline (IMIS) policy is recommended by others sailors. However, they required a full out of water survey less than 2 years old – no exceptions. This was a deal killer since the cost of the survey was not offset by any savings in premiums. The rates were in-line with those of Pantaenius. All the other companies we contacted quoted rates lower than Pantaenius, some significantly lower.


I have not done side by side comparisons of the companies I am looking at to our existing policy because it is obvious to us our current policy no longer meets our needs.


I think you are going to need to change insurance companies if you wish to stay in Grenada or the ABCs.


Hope this helps.



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Pantaenius Yacht Insurance - Southern Border of Hurricane Zone


I just heard from my Pantaenius Broker who told me last year Pantaenius was considering reestablishing a southern border for the hurricane zone.  He wrote:


"The southern border would be south of 10 degrees.  So,  that is most of Columbia and Panama.  Grenada is above 12 so does not qualify.  You can get Grenada but will have to be able to do one of our Stormplans and will have a Large named tropical storm deductible."

He didn't say whether this was official yet or in the works.

We're planning on going down the eastern Caribbean this year, and were planning on Grenada for a haul-out during hurricane season, but now I'm wondering where we could go south of 10 degrees?  Cartagena is even north of 10.

Any suggestions on marinas/boatyards south of 10 in Columbia?  The closer to Grenada the better obviously.  We were planning on going from Grenada to Central America anyway.

In the meantime I've asked for a quote from Y-yachts.



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