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I dont think you read the post properly - the question was - should  i replace the present linear drive with a new one - and keep the old one as a spare?

At least this is how i read the post - and i would say sounds like a good idea to me.

I am  NOT convinced with your suggestion to mount the drive unit using a rubber mount though - that is going to introduce some free movement into what seems to me to be a big plus for the linear drive that is that it is directly coupled to the rudder stock and does not have the slop/free play of driving the rudder remotely using the steering mechanism - of course with the linear drive you have the additional advantage of in extremis being able to steer the boat should any part of the steering mechanism fail

previous post as below - bolding is mine

We plan to cross the atlantic next year. On our SM 227 we still run the

Autohelm ST 7000. I am thinking of buying a spare linear drive unit in

case of a problem during the passage. Since we are just the 2 of us on

the boat (my wife and myself)that might be worth to do.

One option I am thinking of, is to install a new lienar drive unit and

keep the old as spare part. Did anybody do this already and was it

difficult to install? According to Raymarine, the new unit should

perfectly work with the old Autohelm parts, e.g. the comptuer, compass


Many thanks for your feedback


LunaBlu SM 227



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Keep both units and mount a switch near the rotary/chain drive drive

unit as Amel does. Run the one in the galley(the rotary)at night so

the noise will not be under your bed .Run the linear drive that will

be under the aft cabin berth during the day when the noise will not

disturb you. Running each drive unit for a twelve hour on/off duty

cycle will greatly increase their lifespan as they won’t get very

“hot”. Heat is the big problem with autopilot drives that are on for

days and days.

Be sure to mount the end not attached to the rudder Quadrant on some

medium soft rubber padding to make it much more quiet. Through bolt it

as normal, just don’t fully tighten the fasteners and use Nyloc nuts

or double nut with Loc-Tite.

As always , this is from me as an Amel owner and not as the Amel guy

for North America.

All the best,

Joel F. Potter

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