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Hi Bill,

Depending on how the wiring of the charger is done. It is probably quite simple to put a couple of diodes in the wires going to the batteries to eliminate this problem.

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Be careful. The battery chargers that charge 2 different voltage banks share the same negative between the two. This will result in the negative of the starting battery being connected to the negative of the house bank.


I think you better check with someone you trust that has knowledge of Amels and DC Voltage before you go in this direction.




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We have a ChargeMaster 24/30-3 & a ChargeMaster 24/100-3.  The 30 amp charger is the newer of the two.  Mastervolt was introducing a 40 amp version that would charge both the 24 & 12 volt batteries (engine starting and house) but it was not yet available when we had to replace the Xantrex that died and toasted our 12 house batteries.


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