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We were able to get a quote from Y-Yacht because we are BVI flagged and our vessel is corporate owned in the BVI. I also believe they will underwrite a vessel in the USVI with a USVI address. Eric from Kimberlite has a contact who can do the address piece. The change of port is one piece of paper filed with USCG documentation.


I also have a really good independent broker who writes policies for Novamar USA, an “A” rated company with a lot of recommendations from members of the OCC. The price is the same as going to Novamar directly. However, he has a direct line to the underwriters and can help work around some issues such as survey or age of rigger etc. I am reluctant to post his contact info publically. Let me know if you’d like it.


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I just heard back from Y Yacht Insurance - they cannot cover US yachts at this time, but are making enquires and hope to be able to do so next year.


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PS:  MS and AD Insurance Group Holdings is a Japanese company which you can google for more info.

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Suggest you read further, if interested, at yyachtinsurance dot com, which states Barry Sullivan, who happens to own a Maramu, started Pantaenius UK, did business as Shearlangstone, Ltd. , became Y Yacht Insurance in 2011. Now set up Y Yacht Assurances France for post-Brexit operation. The actual insurance and underwriting is through MS Amlin, part of MS and AD (haven't researched them) and Y Yacht Insurance is a trading name of Y at-sign Limited, an English company.



Craig Briggs, SN68 - I did ask for a quote and will let you know what I hear. 


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My info is that Barrie Sullivan of Y used to be the GM of Pantaenius UK but "retired" and started Y


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