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Yes, Mark & Danny. In fact the insurance company was given a copy of the US Coast Guard Documentation which clearly listed our home address in Texas and our Hailing Port (homeport) as St Thomas.

The insurance company explained it to me this way: US waters are the most expensive for insurance companies because of the high rate of lawsuits in US Courts and the high rate of damages awarded. Somehow insurance companies place important value on homeport. I was able to buy French insurance with a "homeport" of St. Thomas West Indies (which is a US Territory) and a US registered vessel with a US address. It was the exception to the rule for that insurance company. BTW, that company is no longer in business.


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I am not suggesting any funny business. i.e. When Bill Rouse owned BeBe he was able to get an underwriter in the EU because the vessel was registered in the USVI. The same insurance company said they could not write in the USA. We have addresses in the USA, UK and Panama. We do not live at any of them. Ownership nationality has little to do with the policy. We are always very clear to explain in writing to the insurance company we reside on the vessel and the address given is for mailing purposes only. We have had one insurance company accept the marina as our address without issue. This is common practice for people residing on boats. And, the insurance company expects for the vessel to move within the limits of the policy.


In working with the independent Novamar agent, he was able to get Novamar to wave any requirements for a survey or rig inspection. This is NOT concealing anything. It is called negotiating the policy.




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Hi Mark,

all insurance policies I have seen require nothing to be concealed or information withheld on pain of cancellation. I may have the wrong end of the stick but it seems ownership nationality and something to do with the rig may be concealed in what you are suggesting.

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We were able to get a quote from Y-Yacht because we are BVI flagged and our vessel is corporate owned in the BVI. I also believe they will underwrite a vessel in the USVI with a USVI address. Eric from Kimberlite has a contact who can do the address piece. The change of port is one piece of paper filed with USCG documentation.


I also have a really good independent broker who writes policies for Novamar USA, an “A” rated company with a lot of recommendations from members of the OCC. The price is the same as going to Novamar directly. However, he has a direct line to the underwriters and can help work around some issues such as survey or age of rigger etc. I am reluctant to post his contact info publically. Let me know if you’d like it.


Hope this helps.



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I just heard back from Y Yacht Insurance - they cannot cover US yachts at this time, but are making enquires and hope to be able to do so next year.


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PS:  MS and AD Insurance Group Holdings is a Japanese company which you can google for more info.

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Suggest you read further, if interested, at yyachtinsurance dot com, which states Barry Sullivan, who happens to own a Maramu, started Pantaenius UK, did business as Shearlangstone, Ltd. , became Y Yacht Insurance in 2011. Now set up Y Yacht Assurances France for post-Brexit operation. The actual insurance and underwriting is through MS Amlin, part of MS and AD (haven't researched them) and Y Yacht Insurance is a trading name of Y at-sign Limited, an English company.



Craig Briggs, SN68 - I did ask for a quote and will let you know what I hear. 


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Hi all,

My info is that Barrie Sullivan of Y used to be the GM of Pantaenius UK but "retired" and started Y


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