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Hi John,

On my SN27, the motors are stamped 12v 300w.  Was difficult to notice the stamp at first.  
Hope this helps somewhat.

Currently landbound

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Thanks very much Craig 

I think the mast furling motor is something to do with the armature 

Also the motor has 4 wires coming from it and an auto electrician is telling me there should be 3

I’m reluctAnt to let him fiddle further as I’m brooding that dropping from 4 to 3 may have an impact on the relays

The problem with the furler is water entry.  I guess my fault

I’ve replaced the mast and boom end gearboxes son after buying the boat and rebuilt the gears for the furler

Seemed strange both motors got indigestion on the same day though can see for different reasons

Anyhow now travelling to Wellington where I either hope to get the armature rewound or repaired and buy a new furler motor (S)

But I have no idea of brand or motor spec to look for and I was hoping someone who had been down the road before me may have helped with advice to cut a few corners. I’ve searched papers on the boat but no joy .... all I know as mine are 12 not not 24 volts



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Hi John.

I started a new topic for you as you had buried your post in a thread about insurance which is quite confusing.

It may be more helpful if you would describe what problem you have that suggests you want to replace your original furler motors, or are you looking for spares, or what?  Usually, the reduction gears are the problem, not the motors and if you tell us bit more about your problem we may be able to offer more helpful suggestions.  As to your headsail, again, some more information about what you want to do would help you to get more useful replies. Have you approached a sailmaker about this and have a question, or what?

Best regards,

Craig Briggs, SN68 - Sangaris, Ft Pierce, Florida

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Happy new year one and all

Anyone out there replaced the original furler motors in past and head sail on a Santorini and if so be really great full to learn the name and spec of replacement units


John Hayes 
NGA Waka
SN 41

New Zealand

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