Ping pong ball valve?


Very strange.  The T-fitting where the drain hose from the washing machine T's into the hose under the floor running to the bilge broke.  I removed the fitting--a gray plastic T with a white PVC fitting glued on the 
T part going towards the washer--and inside the white PVC fitting, which is sort of cup-shaped, was a ping pong ball!   Not a plumbing part, a REAL ping pong ball with the name of the big French sporting goods store, Decathlon, printed on it.  it appears to fit very nicely inside the PVC "cup", a bit loose-- perhaps some sort of one-way valve or flow decreasing device??  No way a ping pong ball could have gone through the wash.

Does anyone else have a ping pong ball in their plumbing?  Is there any need to regulate the drainage out of the washer or prevent back-flow, because if not I would just as soon replace it with a simple T, sans ping pong ball.  

What next?  Perhaps I will find a badminton birdie being use as a filter?


SM 238 "Maracuya"


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