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Donald Patterson

It is not difficult to do!  You need to be on the hard and have access to a puller and an acetylene torch.  I heat the area of the propeller that that slips on the shaft (not the shaft).  Once it is hot I use a spray bottle to spray water on the end of the propeller ( this sound strange) but the water is sucked into the hub of the propeller and breaks up any corrosion between the hub and shaft.  I several times and then I put the puller on with tension and heat the hub again.  I usually use a breaker bar on the puller bolt after heating.  I have not experience a failure.

One further note when you reinstall the shaft make sure you dimple the shaft where the locking bolts secure the shaft to the transmission and make sure you use a locking wire.

Based on personal experience I also a zine on the interior portion of the shaft ahead of the stuffing box about 5 inches ahead of the box.  If you have a failure at the transmission connection (which I did experience) it is an easy fix.  Hope this helps.

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Good morning,

I'm the owner from Masim's, a Mango from 1988.

I'have a problem with my propeler shaft and my propeler. I have To change them. Maybe somebody on the Amel group can help me : what are the difficulties ? and maybe somebody knows the reference of the Mango's propeler. 

We are actually in Panama. 

Thanks a lot


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