Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Batteries in Caribbean

Donald Patterson

When I replace the service batteries I have them shipped to St. Lucia by Tropical shipping out of Florida.

I call Nationwide battery (1-914-527-4640).  Since I have expanded the service battery to 8 and I also use the same batteries as my engine starting batteries.  I order 10 Trojan T105 6 volt batteries.  The cost of the batteries and shipping is around $1,500.00 US dollars.  The clearance and transportation from Castries is around $150. US.

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Hi folks
My service batteries seem to be on the way out.
Does anyone know where batteries can be purchased economical in the Caribbean chain?
Currently in Grenada where they seem expensive and so wondering about delaying the replacement till we get somewhere else.
Any info most gratefully received
All the very best

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