Re: Rép. : [Amel] bilge pump

Patrick McAneny

Richard, I would like to add a second bilge pump and alarm.What type of pump
did you use ? Did you install in a second discharge hose or plumb it into
the primary discharge hose ?I think once I replace the two check valves / joker
valves my pump will start pumping. Happy Thanksgiving Pat&Diane

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HI Pat, One thought if you are going to replace your pump we have a pump
that we found in the Vitus cat. that works just fine. It is wired to a float
switch in a pipe that goes into the well. We too have a second pump that is
wired to the high water alarm just in case.
hope all else is well.
Richard and Joan in Corsica SM 209

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Subject: Re: Rép. : [Amel] bilge pump
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Date: Sunday, November 23, 2008, 8:34 PM
Serge, You said you replaced the block holding the valves.By
"block" do you
mean the lower half of the pump housing?The pump has a
check valve but the
strainer does not have a check valve and that may very well
help.I'll buy a new
strainer with check valve.Thanks for your input.Pat /

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Hi Pat,

I had to replace the block holding the valves, and the
valves in 2005 on the
Jabsco pump, but the pump now works very well. However, as
a security, I
have installed a secondary bilge pump (Jabco again) which
is also connected
the high water alarm, all activated by a air switch which
is set a level
(+10") which indicates that the main pump has failed
to do the job. Once in
while ( before a crossing) I manually test the pump, by
deactivating the
pump for a few days.

If the valves are well placed and if the diaphragm is not
pierced, your pump
should work when the arm moves. The pump works much better
if the check
valve in the bottom strainer does retain water, and, of
course, the pump
not work at all if the stainer is blocked...

I suggest you look at the pump schematic ont the Jabsco web

Serge, Opera, Mango #51

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Objet: [Amel] bilge pump
À: _amelyachtowners@À
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Date: dimanche 23 Novembre 2008, 17 h 28

I have a Jabsco diaghram bilge pump.The motor is fine ,the
diaghram is
new the flaps operational and yet I have not been able to
get it to
pump water.I've primed it and done everything to no
avail.My question
is has other owners had problems with their pumps and has
changed out to some other arrangement. changed out to some ot
other arran
lift for the diameter of the hose. Thanks,Pat S/M

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