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smiles bernard

Hi there Christian

Many thanks for this. 
It took me a while to understand what both you and Danny were explaining so clearly - push the stanchion towards the middle of the boat. Makes total sense but for a while I was thinking fwd or aft as it’s he first boat I’ve had with sensibly mounted stanchions on the side of the toe rail. 
I’ll have a go!
Sadly my drill has just packed up so sounds like I’ll be needing a new impact driver  before I start this project. The metal on one of the cars that holds the (shackle and block )has worn a little so I might need to invest in new cars.

The “lifting wheels” on my mizzen sheet track have broken so I’d be interested in your  washer fix. I’ve had the cars off (nice and easy on the mizzen traveller at least!) but I couldn’t figure out how to release the lifting pin that the ‘lifting wheel’ is attached to. Is there a trick?

Many thanks for your help


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hello Miles
unfortunately easiest way seems to be removing screws from stanchion base & move it aside to allow car to slide out & back in once replaced (mine had a broken 'lifting-wheel' replaced by home made washer); Impact screwdriver became a permanent fixture in the tool-shed on our 1982 Maramu.
I did not date cut off the end of the track, neither tried my luck on the screws holding the tracks on deck. Shy ?
Best of hammering

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Hi Danny

Sorry I somehow missed your reply on this till today. 
Many thanks indeed for the info 

on our Maramu it sounds similar to the SM - either the stanchion has to move somehow or the track!

It seems a little short sighted of Amel to not allow the Genoa cars off for replacement or repairs etc. A slightly shorter teach and a stopper bolt would have been ideal. 

I’ve noticed a little wear on our port Genoa car and so I’d ideally like to replace both but this sounds like one of those big small jobs !

If anyone else has any experience of this also it’d be great to hear. 

Many thanks again

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Hi Miles,

assuming your Maramu is same as the SM in this respect. I took the screws out of the stanchion base and pushed it sideways to allow the car to slide off. However it was a challenge to get one of the screws out. Others have cut the sides of a short section the track off to allow the car to come off. This method assumes you don't need the full length.



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Happy new year !
We recently arrived in Barbados after fast crossing from Cape Verde’s
The boat was great but I noticed a few things that I now need to address
The port Genoa sheet car is worn at the point the shackles attaches.

I think it’s an original mid 80s a goiot car. It has a stylised seagull shaped ensign.

Does anyone know a suitable replacement for a vintage Maramu car and also how to remove / reinstall? I presume then come off the track fwd end. There is a stopper bolt head at the fwd end of the track so I presume I remove this and just slide the car off the track.. Space for removal of the car looks really tight with a stanchion base though.
If anyone has replaced their sheet cars any info would be very much appreciated

All the very best




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