performance differences

Ken Grove

I intend on buying either a Super Maramu, 54, or 55 in the next 1-2 years. It's easy finding feature differences (length, layouts, etc) or aesthetic differences between the models, but it's been difficult finding information on the relative sailing characteristics of the three hulls. 

Can anyone give me commentary on how differently these three boats sail from your experiences? How much difference in light wind performance? Heavy seas? Any other operational or performance differences between them that you think would be relevant in making a choice? 

I know the right answer is to get each on the water and test them myself, but given difficulties in finding them nearby, that's not realistic, so there is a good chance I'll have to rely on user feedback to pick a model and then focus my actual on-water tests to the hulls I'm actually intending to purchase. I'm assuming the sailing performance between these three hulls is small enough that it's likely to boil down to how new a boat I'm willing to pay for.

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