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I learned of Hemple when we were in Cartagena in 2006. What I learned then was that Hemple is a Spanish manufacturer of antifouling. It is used commercially and on pleasure boats. They had two types, ablative and hard. In the hard antifouling line they had an antifouling for power boats that would go 20kts and they had a line for slower boats. I do not remember any of the product names. I used the hard type antifouling for slower boats to touch up some of the Micron 66. We painted it over a small area that had been scraped, and since we had a gallon we painted the keel and ballast, skeg and rudder. It performed as good as the Micron 66. As I remember it, I believe it cost more than I had paid for Micron 66 in St Martin, but that may have been because of Colombia duty.

All of the above said, my experience with Hemple was long enough ago to be completely invalid today.


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Good morning Amelians!

Anyone try this stuff.

Apparently it's used quite regularly in Puerto Rico. I'm hauled at present, and need to roll out some antifouling before I launch in a couple weeks. I have micron 66 on her now. 

Hauling every 2 years.


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