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Barry Connor

Hi Jeff,
Yes, mine is also 6.5mm without the twist. (Just kidding, I feel for you). I remember looking at yours and I immediately checked mine. My boat has been across the pond and back before I bought. Just been around the Med since. I have thought about this and will be very conscious of the pressure on this from now. The replacement furlong systems all have space for a 20mm stem. I just had discussions at the Dusseldorf show with Profurl about this and the answer was to bush out my 6.5mm stem with spacers to upgrade to Profurl and Barmar. AMEL are using Profurl on the new 50 and soon to be released 60. Both of these are now going to be sloops. No more ketch rigs from AMEL. No more 55’s.  No more C-Drive keel propellers either. They both will have a through hull shaft drive.
Regarding the struts. I just spoke to a UK company StrutsDirect, very helpful. Replacement for the galley fridge strut -
 “F-SD02-150” E2. Eye Ends. About £20 but shipping to Sicily is £60. I might get it delivered to friend in UK.


Barry and Penny
“Lady Penelope II”
AMEL 54. #17
Marina di Ragusa. Sicily

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It is the fitting protruding thru the deck which the headsail furler mechanization is attached to. It is a vertical stainless fitting with a 3/4 inch pin that secures the bae of the furler mechanization. Mine was 6.5mm amel "modified" the fitting to 20mm soon after #14, my hull#. 

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Hi Jeff,

Sorry, I don’t understand your question about the ‘stem’ fitting. Is this on the bow for the furler?


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I was able to get the strut in Martinique at the refrigeration specialist's store. He had a selection of them. Perhaps you could find one at a similar refrigeration outlet locally.

On a separate subject, I see you are 54 #17. I wonder if your stem fitting is the thin 6.5mm version that my 54 #14 had, or if it was built with the "modified" 20mm fitting that Amel installed in later versions. Could you let me know? I'd like to pin down when the change to the 20mm stem fitting begins.
Best Regards,
Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14

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I am wanting to replace the gas strut for the lift up lid on the galley fridge/freezer.

The original unit does not have a maker name - brand name printed on the strut. On the strut and the same for the lift up hatch for the engine compartment is a symbol of what looks like 3 sails in 3 squares.

Does anyone have information on where to get the correct struts. The pressure on the fridge strut is 300N and the overall length is 410mm.

Much appreciate any assistance.


Barry and Penny
"Lady Penelope II"
Amel 54. #17
Marina di Ragusa   Sicily

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