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Giovanni TESTA

Hi Richard,
heaving did you fix the rudder? and if yes, how ? ..and the Autohelm heaving and running ?
thanks for your info
....fair winds!
Giovanni TESTA

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Hi Eirc, we had to Heav to in the north Atlantic in 05. We used a short headsail and a short main with no issues. The winds were 40-60 kts for two days in seas as high as 35 feet. We laid off the wind and made very little head way but DID NOT slide back on the rudder.
Running down wind out of GIB in the same year we did drag about a 300 "U" shaped 3/4" line to keep us lined up with the seas that worked well too.
best wishes from Corsica Richard On Challenge SM 209

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> Subject: [Amel] Heaving to Super maramu
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> I am wondering how many people have had to heave to in
> storm/hurricane
> force winds and what configuration you used in these seas?
> fair winds
> eric
> sm 376 KimberliteI


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