Duo 60 Cat Pump For Sale

Duane Siegfri

I had the drive shaft on the 24 volt side get chewed up due to a shaft key failure.  I think the key was 3/16" instead of the 5mm key.  As far as I know the pump is fine except for that, though keep in mind it is 14 years old.  A new drive shaft is needed to drive the 24 volt pump, or if you only use the 230 volt side you could use it as is.  $200 plus shipping.  A new pump is $1,400 plus shipping from France.  We'll be able to ship it for another week only.

I learned something interesting about the Duo 60.  Dessalator removed two of the three plungers (according to Mark Fruehauf at Balcen) to derate it, and to make it possible to use it without a low pressure feed pump.  So even if you have one of the higher capacity watermakers with a Cat #277 pump, you would not want this pump unless you intend to install the other two plungers.

Duane Siegfried

Wanderer, SM#477

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