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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Kent,

I had an old  screwdriver and I cut the handle down to a butt. Worked well. Also you can buy stumpy screw drivers. When you reassemble be sure to coat the screws with lanacote (for next time) and perhaps coach the owner of the long hair not to clean the hair brush or comb into the toilet bowl, it works OK at home into the sewage system but not on a boat, likewise dental floss. Also close the lid on the head at all times when not in use, brushing hair can release strays. Prevention is a whole lot easier than cure.

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Hi all,
I had to replace a macerator pump. It had long hair wrapped around the shaft. We were wondering if anybody has used liquid plumber periodically in their toilets to dissolve hair?

I am concerned that it might not be good for the seals and/other head parts..

I haven’t been doing any maintenance on the heads, just flush with fresh water and treat with SewClean once a year. The pumps last about two years and I’ve been replacing them when they go bad.. Do you pull the pumps off regularly for cleaning, replacing seals, other? If so, what do you do and kind of life do they have? I find it very difficult to remove the pumps without removing the bowl, no place to get a screwdriver on the bottom two bolts. Any tricks?

Kent & Iris
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